ASAPS Challenge

Automated Streams Analysis For Public Safety 

Because Every Second Counts


The Exponential Growth in Data

 The increasing magnitude of live data from a variety of sources presents both a challenge and opportunity to public safety in making life-critical decisions regarding response and coordination to emergencies. These typically unstructured data from video, audio and textual communications, social media, and sensors present a significant analytic challenge - virtually impossible for humans to assess in real-time.

Automated solutions are needed to help distill, structure, and present the information in these data to public safety in a way that supports time-critical decision making.

With the maturation of AI, Cloud Computing, high-speed communications networks and streaming data resources and protocols, we’re in a unique position in being able to begin to create the technologies and tools to assist public safety in leveraging the increasing firehose of information at their fingertips.


The Challenge

The Automated Streams Analysis for Public Safety (ASAPS) Challenge is an AI challenge to detect, analyze, and alert public safety to emergencies from streaming data where every second counts. ASAPS fosters groundbreaking multidisciplinary research and innovation in real-time emergency data analytics to help first responders go faster to where they are needed the most.


The vision of this challenge is to stimulate pioneering research that will provide public safety with advanced real-time emergency detection, situational awareness, and decision-making capabilities from many live unstructured data streams.

The Data

ASAPS is a one-of-a-kind project featuring first of its kind data. Our data is a multi-stream set of structured and unstructured video, audio, text, social media, and sensor data representing a simulated 8-hour day in a major metropolitan area.


In the City of ASAPS, emergencies of all kinds occur amidst the hustle of everyday life. The ASAPS challenge asks contestants to detect, identify, localize, and alert public safety of emerging events as they happen in real-time. 

The Prize

A total of 3 million dollars in cash prizes is available over the course of four contests. Each Contest may also feature additional experience prizes and once in a lifetime opportunities to be announced at Contest launch.


Contest 1 was an ideation contest that ended in September of 2020. 

Learn more about our Contest 1 Winners

Contest 2 is a technical contest that opens for registration in spring 2021.


A community of pioneers, using data to help public safety reduce suffering.

The problems the ASAPS development community is working to solve will revolutionize the way communities experience emergency services.

Researchers, scientists, and industry leaders applying our knowledge and skills in Computer Vision, Human Language Technology, Automatic Speech Recognition, Information Filtering and Retrieval, Information Extraction, Sensor Data Processing, Geographic Information Systems, Knowledge Engineering and Management/Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Data Science, High-Performance Computing, Distributed Processing, Cloud Computing, Information Visualization, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Operations Research, Public Safety Communications, and Operations.

Coming Soon

Contest 1 Winner

In addition to the technical challenges, to me what’s really exciting, is that this has a potential for the research to really make a difference in decision making for public safety. I mean we publish papers and we show that we can do a little bit better….but in the end, so what? I think being able to say ok here is how we need to extract the information and present it to somebody who makes a decision…that would be just a phenomenal thing for us to achieve as researchers to make some difference in the world.

Alex Hauptmann - Topic 4

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