The Data

The ASAPS data is the first of its kind.

The ASAPS development dataset includes 8 continuous hours across five core streams: stationary video, public safety audio (911 and responder to responder), Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), public safety sensors, and social media. The data set also includes a Shapefile of a fully georeferenced 80 square block city, including lat/long and building attributes.


Within the data, there are emergency events, false alarms, and confusors, as well as normal activity across all data streams and modalities.


Video - CCTV Cameras

232 hours of HD footage on 29 PTZ and 

fixed cameras

+1 terabyte of data 

+6  acres of coverage

Audio - 911, Public Safety Radio

48 hours on 3 911 DID phone lines; 3 

LMR Talk-groups (6 total channels)

Opus over RSTP

+2 gigabytes of data

+50 calls and 240 transmissions

Text - Social Media, CAD, Text to 911

8 hours
RESTful API pub/sub message bus
+ 35 megabytes and 10,000 social

media messages (Twitter, Facebook)
+ 1 megabyte CAD and  over

400 entries including text to 911

Sensor - Gun Shot Detection

8 hours
RESTful API pub/sub message bus
+ 20 sensor notifications

57 Alpha Sample Footage