Contest 1 Winners Announced

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Contest 1 Automated Streams Analysis for Public Safety (ASAPS) Challenge Winners!

Each of the six winners received $30,000 for their team’s winning solutions. There were four topic areas of competition, and due to a tie, there were six awards made. Below are listed the Contest 1 topic areas and winning team names, members, and affiliation. Stay tuned for more information on Contest 2, which is scheduled to launch in early 2021.

Topic 1: Information Extraction Across ASAPS Streams and Data Sources Across 1 or More Data Categories

Multimodal Fusion for Public Safety Analytics: Dan Morozoff, Connor O'Day, Joe Ellis, Gianni Galbiati, Peter Njenga (Vidrovr)

Topic 2: Information Fusion Across Extracted Data and Generation of Live/Dynamic Information Representation Across 3 or More Data Categories (Tie – Two Awards Made)

Scalable Data Fusion for Real-Time Event Detection: Mehmet Aktukmak, Yasin Yilmaz, Keval Doshi (University of South Florida)

Balancing Space and Time with Asynchronous Models: Jason Corso (University of Michigan), Chenliang Xu (University of Rochester), Yan Tom Yan (Texas State University)

Topic 3: Automated Emergency Event Analysis Across 3 or More Data Stream Categories, and Preferably Across All Data Categories

NEURATRACE: Detect, Trace, & Analyze Emergencies: Madhukar Karmacharya, Ananth BhimiReddy, Sahitesh Reddypelly, Kumar Apurv, Archith Krishnan Rammohan, Aamir Khan, SaiManoharReddy Peddireddy (Indiana University/Indiana Purdue University)

Topic 4: Extraction to Analysis Systems Approach Across All Data Categories (Two Awards)

Modular Design for Automated Event Analysis: Dr. Roy Hayes Jr., Roy Hayes Sr., William Kimbark, Admiral Guy Curtis, Sreya Palnati, Tom Slattery (Systems Engineering Inc.)

Real-Time Multi-Source Event Analytics: Yogesh Singh Rawat (University of Central Florida, UCF), Mubarak Shah (UCF), Alexander G. Hauptmann (Carnegie Mellon University, CMU), Praveen Tirupattur (UCF), Junwei Liang (CMU), Shruti Vyas (UCF)


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