Keil Green, CEO

As CEO, Keil sets corporate vision and strategy and directs the company’s growth and resources.  His current focus is leading the company from a niche, small business into a growing leader in the public sector consulting space—while maintaining its well-established corporate commitment to public safety/national security missions.

Keil is a recognized leader in emergency preparedness strategy.  Since Sept. 11, 2001 he has supported Federal clients as a strategy lead for initiative ranging from Nationwide consultation and assessment efforts, major event planning and exercises in America’s urban areas, and the design of a billion-dollar grant program.  In each of these efforts, he has shown the unique ability to bridge the gap between the singular mandate of the Federal government with the disparate capabilities of the Nation’s 70,000 public safety agencies.

Kate Roberts, Contest Lead

Ms. Roberts is an emergency management thought leader with over a decade of experience leading programs at the federal, state, and local levels. She serves as the Contest Lead for the ASAPS program where she works with an incredible team to tell the story of ASAPS- a city always looking to the future. Previously, Ms. Roberts worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the National Preparedness Directorate where she was responsible for the development of extensive public awareness materials for the award-winning national campaign for preparedness, America’s PrepareAthon! and You are the Help Until Help Arrives, a campaign to empower bystanders. She also architected several training programs focused on emerging threats and worked closely with public safety agencies at all levels of government. She is an Adjunct Professor at The George Washington University. 

Andrew White, Technical Lead

Andrew White has over 20 years of experience deploying and operating large scale monitoring and automation solutions for managing IT infrastructure health and cybersecurity. Mr. White is the Technical Program Lead for the ASAPS project and manages the emergency communications experts supporting the DHS Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program (ICTAP) for Lafayette Group, Inc. He has over 30 years’ experience as a first responder and serves as a communications specialist on Texas A&M Task Force 1 and the Region 6 Director for the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC). Previous positions include Senior Vice President of Video Infrastructure and Conferencing Operations at Citi, Executive Architect for Cloud Solutions at IBM, the leader of Monitoring and Event Management at Nationwide Insurance, and owner of a Service Management consultancy. 

Dr. Anthony Hoogs,
Team Scientist

Anthony Hoogs leads Kitware’s Computer Vision group, which he founded when he joined Kitware in 2007. For more than two decades, he has supervised and performed research in various areas of computer vision. He has led dozens of projects that range from basic, academic research to developing advanced prototypes and demonstrations installed at operational facilities. He has been the overall Principal Investigator on large DARPA programs. At GE Global Research (1998-2007), Dr. Hoogs led a team of researchers in video and imagery analysis on projects sponsored by the US Government, Lockheed Martin, and NBC Universal. Dr. Hoogs received a Ph.D. in

Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1998; an
M.S. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1991; and a B.A. magna cum laude from Amherst College in 1989. He has published more than 80 papers in computer vision, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and remote 

Dr. Kellie Beicker Corona ,
Team Scientist

Dr. Kellie Beicker Corona is a Data Informatics Analyst in Kitware’s Computer Vision Team, where she is responsible for annotation quality and efficiency across Vision projects. She works with internal, third-party and crowdsourced annotation processes to design annotation workflows that optimize efficiency and quality for project specific data labeling. On the IARPA Deep Intermodal Video Analytics (DIVA) program, she was responsible for the experimental design and implementation of scripted scenarios to ensure the realism and program requirements for the one hundred actor, multi-camera data collection. Also, she is a leader in the effort for annotating the resulting data using internal annotators, external annotation companies and crowdsourcing platforms. At Kitware, Dr. Corona works on developing full-pipeline annotation data management and tooling pipeline for crowdsourced annotations. She implements metrics for performance, reliability and quality control in annotations. As a part of this work, she develops and implements new techniques and tools into the annotation workflow to improve efficiency, performance and management. She also builds curriculum for training the Kitware annotation team, providing this training and professional guidance during the annotation process.

Jeff Rosenblatt, Program Manager

Mr. Rosenblatt is a seasoned executive with a demonstrated record of leading high-performance teams. His notable career achievements include successfully managing all CIO business relationships and executive level customer satisfaction at the FAA across all Lines of Business, staff offices, and IT consumers as a member of the Federal Senior Executive Service and the direction of a portfolio of national homeland security initiatives that included public safety interoperability and communications, Next Generation 911, and emergency communications.

Jeff has also built and led teams that pioneered spectrum management; network planning, optimization, and design; and policy development for the commercial cellular communications industry.

Kevin O’Shea, Data Lead

Kevin O’Shea is a technical program manager and subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience in law enforcement and homeland security domains. Currently, Mr. O’Shea is serving as the Project Manager for the ASAPS project, and led the development of very large multi-modal public-safety-related datasets—two eight-hour datasets with 30 CCTV feeds, social media, 911, dispatch, and CAD data layers depicting real-life emergencies that would require a public safety response.  Recently, Mr. O’Shea served as the Program Manager for Argonne National Lab’s support to the FEMA Office of Counterterrorism and Security Preparedness. Mr. O’Shea currently lectures on issues related to Technology and Crime at the University of New Hampshire and serves part-time as a Lt. for NH Police Standards and Training. 

Kerry Koitzsch, Architect

Kerry Koitzsch has over three decades of diverse experience in the implementation of Enterprise Applications and Information Architecture solutions and is the author of a book on distributed processing and many shorter technical publications. Mr. Koitzsch has worked in a variety of industries including Telecom, Retail, Insurance/Medical, Technology, Logistics, Geo-Spatial, and Aerospace. Koitzsch has extensive hands-on expertise in Cloud Computing, Big Data processing using Hadoop/HBase/SOLR (Apache, Cloudera, MapR, and Hortonworks distributions), Enterprise Architecture, Application/System Architecture, Apache Kafka, Apache Chemistry with OpenCMIS, SOA and EAI, process improvements through Agile methodologies. Mr. Koitzsch holds a patent for innovative OCR technology.

Dr. Bridget Kennedy,
Team Scientist

Dr. Bridget Kennedy is a Lead Scientist at Intelligent Automation, Inc. She is a Machine Learning Researcher, Computer Vision Expert, and Applied Mathematician with a passion for turning ideas into reality. Ms. Kennedy has a demonstrated history of creating computer vision and machine learning based products that bridge the gap between theory and true application and is skilled in Machine Learning, Applied Math, Computer Vision, Python, Tensorflow, PyTorch, C/C++, Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, Mentoring, Communication, and Teaching. She is a strong research professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mathematics with a focus on Mathematical Physics and Perturbation Theory from the University of Arizona.

Jon Vrabel,
Team Outreach

Jon has over a decade of experience solving tough technical problems for the US government. He serves as the Industry Outreach lead for the ASAPS Contest Team, helping connect world class companies to the challenge. Jon has embedded to directly support the technology needs of the US military and intelligence community and domestic law enforcement. He co-founded Vergence Technologies, a start-up cloud-based video platform that aggregated video data. Previously, Jon was the Director of Field Engineering for Axon, where he helped some of the world's top law enforcement agencies address critical problems by rapidly developing solutions as services and products.